Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bottleguard pudding (kaddu ki kheer)

First of all let me clear ,the part of the world where I belong to-Rayalseema region (Andhrapradesh) bottle guard is referred to as" lamba kaddu" and pumpkin as "gol kaddu" unlike in northern India where you call lauki and kaddu for bottle guard and pumpkin respectively.

So this recipe is basically kaddu Ki kheer .its one of  an all time classic favourites of our family

,Oops...... sorry not only my family, it would be correct to say my family tree.It was one of the desserts served as a dessert for my post wedding lunch .till date it has to be in every menu of our family celebration's,whether it is a small gathering or a marriage.
S likes only selected milk based sweets,not to wonder she doesn't like.... Rasmalai(how can any one say no to rasmalai).this particular one falls in the LIKES category of her.Last week she was complaining "mom you make every ones favourite ,I like kaddu Ki kheer and u haven't made it for ages".
If a fussy eater demands something then that has to be met ,I hope you agree with me.So served it on the weekend.............
During my early years of cooking I gave it a try and there on it has passed through so many improvising stages and finally I have settled down to this recipe which I follow every time to make this perfect kheer.I you are trying it for the first time you may be thinking that the bland tasting ,pale looking lauki can do such wonders !!
Sorry .......to  taste I suppose you have to cook it.

No problem here is the recipe for the smooth, creamy  kheer full of flavours.
here I go ..............


  • 1 kaddu (lauki) big size
  • 1/2 tin milk maid(condensed milk)
  • 2 Lt's milk (full fat)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp sabudana(sago )soaked
  • 1 tbsp rice
  • 20 cahewnuts(soaked)
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 150 gms sugar
  • Green colour


  1. Boil the milk ,add sabudana to it and let it cook.
  2. Grind soaked rice and cashew nuts to a fine paste.
  3. Grade kaddu finely(kaddukass).
  4. Add grated kaddu ,cashew -rice paste to the boiling milk .
  5. Keep it stirring because cashew tends to stick to the bottom if left unattended.
  6. Cook it until the milk has thickened.
  7. Now add sugar and give it  a stir until sugar has dissolved.
  8. Add milk maid, cardamom powder ,colour  cook until  it has come to thick consistency.
  9. Chill it for at least 7-8 hours .
  10. Serve chilled


  • Do not not leave it unattended while cooking it requires 100% attention ,it tends to stick and burn at the bottom.
  • The burnt smell is going to ruin your kheer
  • Adjust sugar accordingly.
  • It thickens gradually on cooling ,if it has thickened too much and some cold milk to it and stir.

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