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Thank you ,........for investing your valuable time in knowing  me ,

I am Nusrath jahan chef, author,photographer,food stylist of this blog. This is a record of my daily cooking and rambling ,where I try to document my successful trials in cooking

Cooking to me is a medium to channel my creativity. 

A stay at home mom by choice, who finds solace in whipping up healthy, home made food with a gourmet touch in her kitchen .A foodie by blood and a food blogger by passion I share my successful food trials on my blog.Food photography is my new found passion.Apart from cooking and blogging arts and crafts are my fields of interest .

Cooking for me is all about 3 p"s
  • Passion 
  • Patience
  • Perception
You should have that passion to cook .

As" Rome was not build in a day",cooking too cannot be mastered in day .Patience is the key to successful cooking .

And above all perception about food ,"do you cook just to fill your tummy ? ".or "do you just want to create  the flair out of ordinary meal ". probably I fall..... in the second category .
I am the person who hates monotony ,I am always on the hunt for creativity .

The recipes you find on my blog are my family recipes ,recipes from my friends,and of course the  "Internet"who is the main contributor .

 I am a foodie and enjoy every cuisine ,.. you can find all the recipes in the recipe gallery . I love baking and you can see my baked goodies too in this blog !.

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I am always open to constructive criticism ,if you have any suggestions ,do contact me .
If you have any queries related to my posts feel free to contact me at

If you have tried any recipes from my blog mail the pics and I will add it to the fb fan page.If you want to request a recipe, send a request on my fb page or mail me at the above address.

All the contents and images are solely the property of "The food factory" unless other wise mentioned.The images may not be reproduced ,copied ,transmitted or manipulated with out the permission of the author.

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  1. Have fun blogging Nusrath. Looking forward to more recipes from the kitchen herald. :).

  2. Thanks a lot... From New Zealand.


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