Sunday 27 March 2016

Broccoli smoothie bowl

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is the best favour you can do to your body.Breakfast literally means breaking the fast after a long  gap of 6- 8 hours.Obviously our body needs some energetic food to carry on the tasks for the whole day. A healthy whole some start refreshes your body and well as your mind .Milk, yogurt ,dry fruits ,fresh fruits are the best to start with.As I have already mentioned  earlier smoothies are my favourite on the go breakfast for my kids. I am a south Indian and love my traditional breakfasts too ,but due to time constraints and my kids choice to have it hot from kitchen to table I restrict idli and dosa for weekends.

Though I try to include vegetables in  my diet on a regular basis Broccoli hasn't succeeded in making its way into the kids heart and plate. So the option left behind is feed them in disguise by pairing it up with their favourites. Broccoli has more vitamin c content than a regular mandarin or lime.

Here is the way how I made it...

Recipe for broccoli smoothie bowl

Preparation time :10 minutes
Serves :2


  • 1 cup -broccoli (steamed)
  • 1 cup-yogurt
  • 1/4 cup -oats 
  • sugar or honey to taste
  • fruits and dry fruits as desired 


  • To a blender add all the ingredients  and blend until smooth .
  • Garnish with fruits of your choice and serve .


  1. All the good things together...super healthy

  2. Interesting way to add veggie to smoothie for breakfast! :-P I wouldnt have thought of it in my wildest dreams!

  3. Seriously??? I have a broccoli sitting in my fridge, why wouldn't I want to make this then!

    1. Me too never expected that it would be so yummy.go ahead it is worth a try.


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