Thursday 17 March 2016

Fresh turmeric citrus cooler

The change in season brings along a host of infections. During this transition of climate from cold to hot or vice verse, human body is more vulnerable to infections especially cold and flu. School going Kids are more effected as the  infections are easily transmitted  among kids through sneezing or coughing openly .The best way to fight these common infections is increasing the body immunity  the natural way .

Fresh turmeric is one miracle ingredient that does wonders if consumed in proper dose.Citrus fruits are naturally capable to combat flu and cold.It is a myth among the Indian community that you should avoid citrus fruits if suffering from cold and flu.But the truth is our body requires vitamin c to fight against the flu causing virus.Care should  be taken that the fruits are not sour and are  at room temperature.

When the kids were bored of having their turmeric milk ,I just gave them this cooler after school.It was very much liked by the folks .I haven't added any ice cubes to maintain its medicinal properties ,if you like your cooler chilled you can add ice cubes too.

Warning:This post is picture laden please bare with me as I couldn't stop myself from clicking this beauty !!!

Recipe for citrus cooler 

Preparation time :10 minutes


  • 2 inch-fresh turmeric
  • 2- glass water
  • 1- mandarin 
  • 1 -lime
  • sugar or honey to taste


  • To a sauce pan add turmeric and 1 glass of  water and boil it .simmer the flame and boil it till  it reduces to half.
  • Allow it to cool to room temperature and strain the juice.
  • Squeeze the juice of Mandarin and lime ,
  • To a pitcher add all the ingredients add sugar or honey to taste  and stir.
  • Serve it cold or as desired 

I leave you with this random click until next time :)


  1. when you said picture laden post.. i was expecting more :-P Lovely clicks. And for the turmeric cooler, I have never had. So I guess this can be made only with fresh turmeric?

  2. Oh...Famidha this post has already 5 pics.Thank-you.I have not tried with dry Turmeric,if you ever do it,update me.

  3. Assalamu alaikum dear sister! Thank you so much for stopping by. I've never heard of such a refreshing, healthy drink. It is definitely a must try this season!

  4. Walaikum assalam. Welcome to my blog. Do give it a try.


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