Thursday 24 November 2016

Fruits basket|fruits shaped kaju katli

Who is gonna join me for some fruit picking?..Well I have some fall and winter fruits for you in my basket today.Strawberries,apples,pumpkins you name it and  I have it .Hahhah let us end the drama and come to reality.Festivals and sweets are twined so strongly that when we speak of festivals automatically sweets steal the topic.

Though fusion deserts are the talk of the town but for festivals mostly Desi sweets are preferred. Kaju katli tops the list when it comes to festive shopping for sweets.For my friends who dont know what kaju katli is.kaju katli is a traditional cashew fudge.My kids prefer only kaju katli sweets when it comes to store brought ones.When ever we are at the local shop they pack all the varieties and shapes available as if there is no tomorrow.These cute little fruits are packed with the flavours of kaju jatli but in a a brand new avatar.

Recipe for fruit basket(kajukatli)

Preparation time :10 minutes
cooking time:15 minutes
servings:12 pieces


  • 1/2 cup-sugar
  • 1/4 cup -water
  • 2 cups-powdered cashews
  • a pinch of cardamom powder
  • green colour a few drops
  • red colour a few drops
  • orange colour a few drops
  • cloves a few


1.Add sugar and water to a pan and boil till one string consistency .

2.Add the cashew powder mix well and cook until it forms a dough and doesn't stick to the pan.

3.Grease two bowls with ghee and equally divide the dough in to two bowls.

4.Take one bowl and remove 2 tbsp of dough and add  red colour to bowl and mix well.

5.Add green colour to the 2 tbsp dough and mix well.

6.Allow it to cool until it can be handled with naked hands.

7.To make apples make roundels of white dough prick the inverted clove in it and allow to cool .

8.To make strawberries make roundel of red dough and elongate it a bit by pressing with  fingers

9.Take a small ball of green dough and flat in into round shape by pressing with your fingers.

10.cut it into four parts and place it as leaves on the strawberries.

11.Take a cutlery knife and pick on the strawberry to resemble the dots on it .

12.To make pumpkin make a roundel of white dough and flatten it a bit by pressing between the palm.

13.With the back side of cutlery knife make stripes on pumpkin and prick a inverted clove .

14.Allow them to cool to room temperature and colour with respective colours.


  1. Stunning Nusrath! I saw the pics shared on some group on my FB wall and I was like - WHAT!!! that looks so amazing! MashaAllah! I admire your creativity and hope you can rub some on me!LOL!

  2. I think I havent said enough - I am still awe struck with the photography idea, style and colors, every element is complementing so well and I adore your enthu. Muah!

    1. Thank you so much Famidha for the compliments.

  3. MashaAllah...Looks superb dear,what a beautiful creativity and what lovely props and clicks :) Loved the whole post...


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