Thursday 5 January 2017

Mung sprouts/Green mung sprouts

Hello 2017!!! Starting this year on a healthier note with Moong bean sprouts.What are sprouts? The germinating seed is called a sprout .Any whole gram can be converted to sprout and the time varies depending on the climatic conditions and the nature of the gram.Sprouts are a power house of nutrients.The nutritive value of the gram increases to 10 folds in the form of sprouts.Sprouts can be eaten as it is raw or can be cooked.

These are the healthiest snack to munch on. The easiest to make at home are mung sprouts /green gram sprouts Making mung sprouts at home is very easy,all you need is to understand the science behind it.The seed starts to germinate or sprout into a sapling when it it is sowed in soil.But here we are not using soil as the medium,so in fact we have to create an artificial cosy ,wet environment like soil for the seeds to sprout .


  1. Always use recently bought packet of gram for making sprouts.Older grain or the ones about to  expire would not work well.
  2. There are higher chances of mould or bacteria to attack the sprouts if not handled properly.
  3. Wash the sprouts well with cold water and pat dry with tissue or a cotton cloth so that it is moisture free.
  4. Store it in a moisture free airtight box in the upper rack of the refrigerator.
  5. If stored well the sprouts stay well for a week . 

Recipe for mung sprouts

Preparation time :2 days
Yields:2 cups


  • 1/2 cups-whole green gram/hari moong
  • muslin cloth
  • colander


1.Clean the green gram of any debris or pebbles.

2. Wash the green gram under running cold water .

3.Soak it in plenty of water for 8-10 hours or over night.

4.Drain the soaked Dal and wash it with water and drain.

5.Take a wet muslin/cotton cloth and wrap the Dal  as we do for paneer to strain it . 

6.Place the cloth in a colander ,sprinkle water over it  and cover it with a cloth .

7. Place a tray or a container below the colander to collect the water.

8. Place this in a warm place if it is winter or else on the counter top would suffice.

9.Place it undisturbed for 24 hours.

10.Remove the cloth and sprinkle some more water over the sprouting seeds.Drain the water collected below the colander.

11.Cover and place it in the same way as done earlier.

12.Second day you can See sprouts peeping out of the cloth .

13.Remove the sprouts from the cloth and wash in  a colander under running cold water.

14.If you are using the same day its fine or else spread the sprouts on a clean cotton cloth and pat dry with a kitchen towel or a tissue paper.

15.Store it in  a moisture free airtight box in the upper rack of the refrigerator.
If stored well the sprouts stay well for a week . 


  1. What if i dont have muslin cloth? An alternative?

    1. Any thin cotton cloth would also work fine Nammi because I have always used malmal. Soaked in hot water and rinsed to remove any starch that may be present. Nusrath, you too can share your inputs here. would love to know.

    2. I love sprouts, but recently I read this article which stated it is not safe to eat raw sprouts. It is better to steam or cook it. JFYI.

      You are becoming a pro food photographer Nusrath! MashaAllah!

    3. Sorry for a late reply can use a fine kitchen towel or a simple cotton cloth would suffice.

    4. Thank you Famidha .I have been eating sprouts for years and Alhamdulillah it has been working fine.When ever I make sprouts I am the only one who eats raw while the folks prefer cooked .


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