Monday 8 May 2017

Mango and pomogrenate popsicle| Popsicle with an Indian twist

Its raining mangoes on the blog.Yes !! the king of fruits is a guest for few months and I am making the most of it .Apart from mangoes there is nothing so lovable about summer especially in this part of the world.A soaring temperature threatening to cross 48 C ,hot winds accompanied by frequent sand storms is how a summer can be described in words here in a dessert. Popsicles  are the best way to find some relief from the heat + the tested way to make the kids eat fruits.Well ,I don't think there are kids who don't like mangoes.I have given an Indian twist to these Popsicles by adding a little bit of chat masala to pomegranate juice.

Trust me you will be reminiscing the good old days of childhood with the very first bite.The two common ice creams available were paal ice cream(milk ice cream) and barf ka gola(crushed ice Popsicle) .As a child my all time favourite was khatta meetha(sweet and sour) barf ka gola .Mango and pomegranate Popsicle tasted every bit the same.

As Life becomes too boring with everything sweet, the same way our palate too needs that kick which I am sure this Popsicle will do.Make sure you are using Alphonso or badami variety of mango as they are less fibrous.Ruby red pomegranate will give the desired colour to the Popsicle

Recipe for Mango and pomegranate Popsicle 



  • 1 - mango
  • 1/4 cup- water
  • 1 -pomegranate
  • sugar or honey to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon -Chat masala


1. Peel, chop mango and blend to a puree with water and sugar .

2. Add mango juice to the Popsicle mould and cover with a clingfilm .Insert the ice cream sticks and allow to freeze until completely set .It had freezed for a day.

3.Take the pomegranate pearls in deep bowl and muddle with a muddler or back of a spoon.

4.Do not use a blender for this purpose  as it would fade the colour.

5.Strain the juice and add chat masala and stir well .

6. Pour it over the already set mango juice and freeze .

7. To demould the Popsicle place it under running water tap for 3-4 minutes and carefully remove it .

8.  Mango and pomogrenate popsicle is ready to devour.

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