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Fresh turmeric and ginger pickle |Kacchi haldi aur adrak ka achar |How to make pickle from scratch| Indian style turmeric and ginger pickle

India is land of pickles.Pickle making is an 'art ' an 'un - sung art'.The process of pickle making is under taken with UT- most care ,as the pickle has to last the entire year-Yes you read it right.I have seen my grand mother(s) and till today my mother and MIL too make pickle for the entire year.Especially if its Mango pickle in summer and lemon and green chilly pickle for winters it has to be hoarded in the form of pickle.Special care is taken in selecting good quality spices especially red chilly powder, turmeric, mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds as these are the soul to any pickle.The spices are then sorted of any mud or pebbles ,sun dried to remove moisture and ground on a mortar and pestle .The aroma and texture of spices ground in a mortar and pestle is just incomparable .

The aroma of the spices wafting around the compound (aangan)reaching your neighbour hood -Whispers the story of 'pickle making' to the passers-by .After a laborious task then comes the pickle in its avatar-the perfect blend of spice, sour, and salt.The taste of pickle develops as it matures over time .It does demand a sunbath at regular intervals (not for every pickle) to sustain the attack of fungus!!!!.Tamarind, lemon or vinegar  is used as a souring agent  that  gives the kick to the pickle. For South Indian style pickles lemon or tamarind  are  extensively used as souring agent . 

We love our pickles- and can have it with any thing ,be it khichdi ,dal - chawal or a simple paratha .It is a human nature that we never give importance to what we have and always long for the one which we don't have.Same is the case with "pickles".Pickles have been an integral part of my growth .I have grown up eating fresh pickles.A pickle jar would be a must on the dastarkhwan (a long piece of cloth used as table cloth  while sitting on the ground to feast).So obviously pickle was taken for granted .

I am (read was)a crazy pickle lover  ,but slowly with passing time and under the company of a non pickle loving husband, I have lost my craze for pickles.But,my kids have inherited my genes ,both of them love pickles .Again I am reliving those pickle making(eating) days with my kiddo's.

As we are bidding adieu the season of berries ,fresh turmeric ,fresh corn (on the cob)....-W I N T E R I have come up with some winter special posts.If summer has already started in your part of the world book mark it for next year .Here ,we are still having winter nights and summer days -the weather has been unpredictable.

To me W I N T E R  is fresh harvest ,greenery ,chill in the air and a mug of coffee .Ohhh!!! how much i am gonna miss this season ?? One of the most 'not-so-hyped' produce of winters is fresh turmeric.You can read the benefits if it here  Though this season I have used fresh turmeric in every possible way,I still want to preserve it until I can.So what better way than preserving it than PICKLING.


  • Pickles do not fall under the category of "healthy foods".
  • If you are under a medical condition do avoid it .
  • Though  fresh turmeric has enormous medicinal properties it is recommended to have only 1/4 tsp of it.
  • Always use sterilised jar to store pickles,and clean and dry spoon to scoop out .Always cover the pickles with a cloth , not a lid.
  • Though the quantity of salt and oil looks like too much ,they act as preservatives and are must to keep it preserved .
  • If available use sea salt ,due to unavailability I have used table salt only .Allow oil to cool to room temperature completely.
  • For mustard and fenugreek powder,dry roast 1 1/2 tsp each separately and grind it to fine powder  
  • I have made it 25 days ago and  it is still keeping well after keeping the jar in sunlight for one day .   

Step wise tutorial for fresh turmeric and ginger pickle.

Preparation time:30 minutes


  • 100 gms- fresh turmeric
  • 50 gms - ginger
  • 2 tsp - mustard powder
  • 2 tsp -fenugreek powder
  • 3/4 cup -lemon juice 
  • 1 1/2 tsp red chilly powder 
  • 1 cup - oil
  • 2tsp - salt


1.Heat oil to smoking point and allow it to cool down to  room temperature.

2.Wash and pat dry turmeric and ginger with a kitchen towel.or place it in sun for a while to dry.

3.Grate it ,not too fine .To a clean dry bowl add all the ingredients mix it well and transfer to a sterilised jar.

4.Your fresh turmeric and ginger pickle is ready.It tastes best second day.     

Stay tuned for more such winter recipes..........


  1. Luckily we both are pickle lovers! I am yet to make my pickle.. lovely pics but never had this combo.. I did not like to read pickle is not healthy food.. :-(

    1. Thank you's a bitter truth.Indians have an inclination towards pickles. .with some exceptions.


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