Tuesday 8 March 2016

Strawberry coulis | How to make strawberry coulis from scratch

While shopping for the groceries there are certain items on my list which I think I never get tired of picking up as soon as I see them on a discounted price.One such item is the berries -especially strawberry .As soon as I see theses ruby red colour beauties I feel they are calling my name and saying 'pick me up '.These were  2 ,500 gms pack of strawberries for Qr 6,who would say no to such a good offer? at least a strawberry lover(me) can't.

After relishing upon them as much as possible in every form, from strawberry milk shake to yogurt ,mousse.There was a pack left unattended which caught my attention while the regular fridge cleaning program .What do you do when a packet of  frozen strawberries lying in the freezer threatens to expire?There is no better way than storing it as a coulis.Coulis is a technique of preserving fruits cooked with sugar in pureed form .Here sugar acts as a preservative and prevents it from going stale .Here's how the strawberry coulis came into being...........

Step wise tutorial for making strawberry coulis 

Preparation time;10 minutes
cooking time:20 minutes
yields: 600 gms 


  • 500 gms-strawberry 
  • 3/4 cup - sugar


1.Place the strawberries in a thick bottom sauce pan.

2.Add sugar to it and set the flame to the lowest .

3.Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves.

4.Cook it until the strawberries become limp .

5.With an immersion blender blend it to the desired consistency .

6. Store it in a sterilised jar until required.


  • Store it in a sterilised jar in the top rack of the refrigerator for better shelf life.
  • I had made it on February 2 and till date it is keeping fresh .
  • I have used frozen strawberries ,fresh ones too can be used for the same recipe .
  • Adjust the sugar quantity depending on how sour the strawberries are?
  • I like those intermittent bites of strawberry in my coulis,so I haven't pureed it completely. 

I leave you with this pic until next time ........

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