Monday 30 May 2016

Nannari syrup|How to make nannari syrup from scratch

Nannari drink/sharbath is quiet famous in southern states of India especially Andhra and Tamil nadu.The biological name for nannari is sarsaparilla roots.It is also known as sugandhi because of its pleasant blossom aroma.It is well known for its medicinal properties and serves as an excellent body coolant.These are easily available at Ayurveda or unani pharmacy stores.Nannari syrup can be stored at room temperature or refrigerator for more than two months.

The nannari syrup sold in  the market is just caramelised sugar with essence which can no way be compared to home made syrup .Wish there was any way I could make you smell the aroma wafting around the house while preparing it .So this summer lets refresh country style(desi).As Ramadan is just few days ahead it serves as an excellent gifting option to friends too.Be prepared for blessings in return.What better way to celebrate the onset of Ramadan -the most blessed month of Islamic calendar,with friends than edible gifts. I have stored this to last the entire Ramadan .

Last year my syrup was spoiled for reasons unknown and with moms instructions this year Alhamdulillah it has come out perfect .

So here is a list of do's and don'ts to store Nannari syrup for long duration  at room temperature.

Do's and don'ts

  • Always use the utensils which you use to make sweets or boil milk,Infact my mom has kept the separate utensils to make nannari syrup):It is the annual ritual at my home .
  • Use thoroughly washed and sterilised dry bottles for  storing nannari syrup . 
  • To cool down the syrup to room temperature cover it with a cotton cloth and no with a lid.why? as the vapours condenses upon touching the lid and the water droplets fall in the syrup and reduces the life of it.
  • Use fine cotton cloth double folded to strain the syrup. 
  • Bottle the syrup once it cools down to room temperature .
  • My mom makes sugar free version of it for my dad -minus sugar .But that has really less shelf life and needs refrigeration .
  • Don't try to reduce the quantity of sugar as it is a preservative here.
  • Always store in a cool place away from sunlight.

Recipe for nannari syrup 

Preparation time :overnight soaking
cooking time:4 hours
cooling time :over night
Yields: 2 1/2 litres


  • 500 gms-Nannari roots
  • 2 kg-sugar
  • 3+3 litres-water


  • Clean the nannari roots of any debris or weeds .
  • Wash them under running water until you get rid of the silt.
  • In a big vessel soak nannari roots in 3 litres of water over night.
  • In the morning put the vessel on the stove and boil the roots for 1 hour on high flame.
  • Carefully sieve the liquid using a colander.
  • Now add 3 litres of water to the roots again and boil for one more hour.
  • Again strain the liquid and discard the roots .
  • Now add sugar to the whole liquid,stir and boil until reduces to half .
  • It will take around 2 hours.
  • Switch of the flame and allow to cool to room temperature.
  • Filter the syrup through a fine cotton cloth and store in sterilised bottle


  1. Thats an excellent share Nusrath! We don't have any tradition of any ramadan prep in my family! and each days it just some sharbath and fruits and fried goodies! This is very interesting for me because I never knew this can be prepared at home. Have you used the lemon wedges for something?

    1. Thank you Famidha. No,not used in the sharbath.just aesthetic.

  2. I first had the synthetic nannari sarbath in a relative's house ages ago and I hated it. I didn't like its smell nor its taste. Fast forward now, I asked umma to send me a bottle of the syrup, and like u said, it does say "essence". I am not sure if I would be patient enough to make my sarbath syrup from scrathc. I have heard that back home, there is a paal sarbath, which is basically milk, nannaari and sometimes some basil seeds during the summers... Lovely share, and definitely, I wouldn't mind getting a small bottle of that as gift. By the way, how do you use it? What is the proportion of the syrup to water?

    1. Thank you dear.fortunately I never had the experience of synthetic sharbath.Insha Allah both the recipes are coming soon.


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