Sunday 4 September 2016

Vanilla chiffon cake|How to make vanilla chiffon cake from scratch

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "-Leonardo da vinci.

This stands apt for today's post.A simple moist vanilla chiffon cake is pure bliss.Just dig in a bite and you will be transported in to gastronomic heaven .More over this vanilla chiffon cake is so easy to put up ,absolutely fuss free.No fancy ingredients and no complicated method ,just straight forward that even a beginner can be successful .So when you try, do make a big batch apart from the in-house mates your  neighbours too will go gaga over the aroma.This is such a versatile recipe that it can be used as a base for various party cakes or just a biggggg slice with a dollop of ice cream wouldn't be that bad .The particular recipe yields one 4" cake feel free to double the recipe according to your need.

Lets check the recipe ....

Recipe for Vanilla chiffon cake

Baking time:35-40 minutes
Baking temperature:170 c
Yields:4" cake


Step 1
  • 70 grams/1/2 cup-all purpose flour/maida
  • 40 ml-vegetable oil
  • 15 grams/1 tablespoon - sugar
  • 3-egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon -vanilla essence
Step 2

  • 3-egg whites
  • 45 grams/3 tablespoon-sugar
  • 1/2 tsp- lemon juice


1.To a bowl add all the ingredients except flour listed in step 1 and whip it until pale and creamy.

2.Now slowly add flour and fold in gently .

3.To a clean and moisture free bowl of stand mixer add the egg whites beat it for a minute.

4.Add the remaining ingredients and whisk until soft peaks are formed.

5.Now slowly fold the flour mixture into egg white mixture .

6.Transfer the cake batter to a greased and dusted 4"cake tin .

7.Bake at 170 c for 35- 40 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

8. Cool on a wire rack to room temperature before slicing.


  1. Cake looks fabulous, soft and spongy .

  2. I love vanilla and it is all we need to make a simple cake
    Looks amazing and delicious! I wish i could take a bite!

  3. That is amazingly soft... melt in mouth! Love the first click, really lovely... where did you get a 4 inch cake pan from? Here everything is available in big sizes only... hehe...

    1. Thank you Rafeeda. That's a old tin ..i think almost 10 years old...bought it here only.

  4. the cake looks every bit like your description.

  5. So much in love with your Clicks.. Awesome..

  6. Looks so good ... not a big cake baker so i envy the ones who can make the perfect cake

    1. Thank you Nammi.well its not that difficult,just practicing makes better.

  7. Can u tell me the measurement in cups? how much is 70 gms of all purpose flour and even 45 gms of sugar in cups.

    1. Samiya updated the recipe in cups ...check out.

  8. It looks yummy


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