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Chutney podi |Andhra style putnala podi|Roasted gram spiced powder

Andhra is famous for its chutney's and podi's.What is a podi?Podi is a ground mixture(powder) of lentils and spices.It is usually referred to as gunpowder.It can be a mixture of 2 to 3 lentils/Dal's or simply coconut or peanut.Hence the podi's are named appropriately after that.If you have ever visited a typical south Indian restaurant for lunch then you may have seen an array of pickles and podis adorning the table along with ghee.India is a country of diverse culture and changes for every few kilo meters as you travel.If you travel southern India every house has a unique podi recipe. 

Today I present you a simple podi recipe which is staple of my house .This is a no-roasting needed recipe.Make sure you are using drycoconut/copra/dessicatedcoconut.Fresh coconut is not recommended.The base of this recipe is roasted gram and coconut.Chutney podi is one of the basic spice mix of Andhra food.When in a hurry and pressed for time just mix some water in this powder and you will have an instant chutney to relish with dosa or idli.If you wish you can temper this chutney too.Chutney podi is served with melted ghee.  

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Recipe for chutney podi/powder

Preparation time :10 minutes
yields:1 cup podi


  • 1/2 cup-roasted gram/putnalu/phutane
  • 2 tbsp-dessicated coconut/dry coconut(copra)
  • 2 -cloves garlic
  • 1 tbsp-sambar powder
  • 1 teaspoon-chilly powder
  • salt to taste


1.To a dry mill add all the ingredients.

2.Pulse it until fine powder.

3.Store in a clean dry bottle on the counter top.

4.Serve it mixed with melted ghee as an accompaniment with idli, dosa.


  1. should we be using garlic powder? how do we dry the cloves? btw, we add sesame oil to the chutney podi :-)

    1. Nope raw garlic cloves not powder.No need to dry it add directly.


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