Wednesday 1 June 2016

Nannari lemonade /How to make nannari lemonade

Now that you have made nannari syrup from scratch it's time now for some nannari lemonade to be relished .Imagine a hot summer afternoon with temperature as high as 45 c and you are offered a tall glass of chilled nannari lemonade to quench your thirst-your whole body would be thanking the Almighty to bless that person.And that person is none other than my mother.In India the school hours are reduced because of high temperatures and we usually would come back home at 1 pm in  that scorching heat.

 Ammi(mom) would always make a big pitcher of this nannari lemonade or any other drink for us to have after coming back from school. Nannari lemonade is pretty easy to make with minimal ingredients and almost the same that goes into the making of lemonade.No extra sugar is added as the syrup already contains sugar .You can even add soda to it instead of water. My Ramadan iftar table is incomplete with out this .

This recipe is for home made nannari syrup ,I have'nt used store bought one so don't have any idea about it .

So what are you waiting for .Go grab it ....

Recipe for Nannari lemonade

Preparation time;5 minutes


  • 500 ml-water
  • 1/2- lime
  • 3 tbsp-nannari syrup
  • ice cubes as required


  • To a pitcher add all the ingredients and squeeze the lime .
  • Stir it well and strain the lemonade,this step is optional.
  • Add ice cubes to the serving glass ,pour the lemonade and serve chilled.


  1. I guess I would've that whole pitcher on afternoons like these days! Hehe... totally delicious...

    1. Me too...same is the case here.Thank you dear .


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