Sunday 23 October 2016

Pineapple ginger-ale |cafe style pineapple ginger-ale

Though it is almost the end of October still it feels like a hot summer afternoon.With the onset of October usually the climate shifts gear from hot to cold .But this year it is quite different.This weekend we had planned a family picnic at the beach but the weather had different plans in store and conspired in every possible way to let down our spirit .We were stubborn enough to give up our mood of outing.We quickly had our lunch, packed some goodies for the snack and left to spend the day in a park instead  of the beach ,as beach gets more humid in hot weather.Though the park trip was enjoyed well by the time we reached home we felt the need for something refreshing to energise as well quench our thirst .A lonely left out pineapple was screaming "pick me up" in the refrigerator.What better way to wind up than a chilled  pineapple ginger ale .

'If you can't go to the beach let the beach come to you'.

Pineapple ginger-ale is loaded with flavours that will drive you nostalgic,if beach holidays were a part of your growing years (like me).

What is ginger ale??? Nothing but a clear effervescent non alcoholic ginger flavoured drink.It can be served with various combinations.This time it is pineapple ,lime ,mint to jazz up the flavour profile of a not-so glamorous ginger-ale.Clubsoda can be substituted with just plain chilled water can add sugar accordingly depending upon the sweetness of pineapple.It's a perfect party pleaser.

Off to the recipe.......

Recipe for pineapple ginger-ale

Preparation time :15 Min's


  • 2 cups - fresh pineapple
  • 2 inch -fresh ginger
  • 1/2 -lime
  • 5- mint leaves
  • 1 cup -water
  • 2 cans-club soda(500 ml)
  • sugar to taste
  • ice cubes as needed


1.To a blender add all the ingredients except soda and ice cubes.

2. Sieve the mixture with a fine strainer.

3. Divide  the concentrates equally among four glasses.

4.Add ice cubes to the glasses.

5.Open the soda cans and add equally to four glasses.

6.Give a gentle stir and serve immediately.

7.Your pineapple ginger ale is ready. 


  1. Slurp! Would love this on a hot afternoon...

  2. Wow! that definitely is a quencher! Not a very juice person nor soda. But F loves to have sometime. I love beach hot or cold, it is best place to be alone or with friends. Beaches here are so quite and lazy isnt it? So it aint very interesting like in India. I can see that you are leaning more towards dark gloomy photography! :-P Nice, it is good to carve a signature style..

  3. Absolutely famidha .Agree beaches here are quite ,not buzzy like india ...but they have their own charm.yup!!I am more obsessed with darkmoody style .


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