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Sundried yogurt chillies| Mor milagai |Majjiga mirapakaya | chillies coated with yogurt and dried in the sun|summer special

Mor milagai  in Tamil or Majjiga mirapakaaya in Telugu is an inevitable part of south Indian cuisine .Be it the curd rice , chutneys , Dal's or lemon rice ...these chillies find their place in every dish a south Indian mom makes. When I was carrying my 2 child I was having the spiciest cravings ,I used to add chillies to every thing .....my kids and hubby being non- spice tolerators used to give a weird look!!!!I had to do some thing to satisfy my cravings and at the same time my family doesn't feel the spice in it .Suddenly I remembered these majjiga mirapakaya or dahi wali mirchi which my grand mother used to do in summers .So that I can have it when I felt to have some thing spicy. 

AAh!!those good olden days when summers symbolised a long summer vacations to schools and helping granny in making fryums,chillies on the terrace .As soon as the summer starts terrace(s) all around would be filled with muslin cloths holding these home made fryums to sunbathe. And big thalis with these chillies preparing themselves to be relished by us .Hey!! i am feeling nostalgic.

Those were the days with minimal Internet access ,so I called my mother to ask about the method and made a large batch of it which lasted for 4 -5 months .It was 5- 6 years ago .After the baby i was busy nurturing him and hardly found time to make these.

    My FIL likes to have it with plain rice and Dal .Once on our trip to India my princess had tasted it with her grandpa and she liked i very much ,after coming back she was asking about these chillies .
So tried my hands on it again and she liked it very much .This recipe calls for ample sunlight and a time of 4 days .


  • 120 gms green chillies
  • 170 gms yogurt
  • a teaspoon of salt 
  • water 1/2 cup


  • Wash the chillies for any impurities and set aside .
  • Mix water with yogurt to make a thick buttermilk 
  • Add salt to it ,coat the green chilli's with the yogurt .
  • Leave it aside covered for 1 day .
  • The next day mix it with a spoon and again leave it covered for 1 day .
  • By now the chillies had started to change the colour,and the yogurt too reduced in quantity .
  • Remove the chillies in a plate and place them in the sun for 2 -3 days .
  • When the chillies turn to the above colour in the pic and break with a cracking sound ,they are ready.
  • Store it in a jar ,and use it as needed to temper .


  • U can use the less spicy variety of chilly for this too .
  • Placing the chillies in yogurt for 2 days reduces the spice of it .
  • If you are lack of time ,place it directly in the sun.
  • It can be dried  inside the room too ,but prepare yourself for a horrible smell.


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  1. Great post. They are perfect to spice up any food. Love it :)

  2. These r my fav we telugu ppl can't finish lunch vthout this mirchis.my fav dear.

  3. Very good post, Nusrath! I never heard of sundried yogurt chilies! Will sure try it! thanks for sharing!

  4. looks so good...i have tasted them once...will try your recipe

  5. I have not made but love to have this with rice!

  6. Wow! I have never heard of yogurt chiles before—this is so new to me. Looks so tantalizing! No wonder your FIL and your princess loves this so much!:)

    Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen


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