Thursday 8 December 2016

Haldi ka doodh| Turmeric latte

You call it turmeric latte I call it haldi wala doodh.Turmeric milk aka haldiwala doodh is an Indian house hold remedy known for years.Turmeric milk is a tried and trusted home remedy when it comes to combating common cold ,flu or for that sake any injury.Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.I recently came to know from a friend that the doctors in western world even prescribe turmeric supplements.This is served as turmeric latte in the coffee shops.Apart from being an inevitable part of Indian cooking turmeric is also used as first aid for the kitchen cuts and bruises.

My memories of turmeric milk are mom and grand mom running behind to make me drink that glass of golden beauty.With a tightly held nose so that the weird smell of it doesn't effect my senses and drinking it to the last drop.After stepping into mummy shoes I realised how it was necessary to be a strict mother to protect your child.As much as I hated fresh turmeric then, I love it to the core now .May be that is what growing up to be mature.The seasonal change especially the transition from summer to winter brings along a bout of illness.

And the situation is worsened if you are having schooling kids.Turmeric milk is a winter ritual at my place.Every day before going to bed we all have a cup of lukewarm milk.Alhamdulillah over the years and the consistent use of turmeric milk the illness rate has gradually declined .This was noticed by the paediatrician of the kiddo too .During our last visit for severe throat infection and high fever even the doctor mentioned that it was after 3 long years we are paying a visit to him.Its not that the kids haven't fallen ill ,they have but with home remedies like turmeric milk it was under control.

Powdered turmeric which we use in cooking or fresh turmeric both can be used but the later is much beneficial.Pepper and jaggery are added to increase the medicinal value of turmeric(see the study).A part from adding sweetness to the milk jaggery helps in relaxing the respiratory muscles.I guess by now you are convinced to give turmeric milk a try .

Other turmeric recipes on the blog are

Recipe for turmeric milk

Preparation time; 5 minutes
cooking time :10 minutes


  • 1 inch -fresh turmeric/1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1cup- milk 
  • 1/4 cup -water
  • a generous pinch of black pepper
  • jaggery/honey as needed


1.Wash,scrape and pound the turmeric.

2.To a milk pan add all the ingredients except jaggery and simmer to the lowest .

3. Bring it to boil ,switch off the flame add jaggery powder if using and rest it covered.

4.Once lukewarm strain it in cups,add honey now if using .

5.Your turmeric milk is ready to be served. 

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