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Jelly boats| Party special | Kidsfriendly| Summer special |home made orange jelly set in orange peel cups

                                               Row row row your boat 
                                              gently  down the stream
                                             Merrily  merrily  merrily 
                                                   life is but a dream .............

Ahhh ! we all have grown up learning this rhyme .Actually we relive our child hood with our kids 
.When I look up to my kids i feel as if there has been a replay button of my life switched on  .When the kids are back from school in the scorching noon they need eye soothing ,cool and refreshing treats
 to bring back to life.I had seen this video on you tube and has been a long due post .With summer at its peak it was the perfect time to try it . 

As soon as the kids entered ,upon seeing this my son was rhyming  ........

                                                Row row row your boat 
                                              gently  down the stream
                                             Merrily  merrily  merrily 
                                                   life is but a dream .............

Definitely life is but a dream .............You can watch the video of the rhyme .

One of my kids favourite cartoon is Jake and the never land pirates . I couldn't find Jake

but luckily found a pirate in the vast collection of miniature toys of my kids  to row in these  jelly boats

shhhhh!!! the pirate is all set to attack ...:)

The red jelly boats are jello packets that are readily available at the stores where as orange ones are home made jelly from fresh orange juice . so get set to a easy peasy recipe to treat your kids .


  • 250 ml orange juice
  • 3/4 sachet gelatin
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 2 1/2 tbsp sugar
  • 22gms marsh mallows (refer tips)

  • 1 pkt jello / 85 gms (any flavour)


Scoop out the oranges carefully ,juice the pulp and set aside .

Save the orange cups for the boats .

Add gelatin  to water and allow it to bloom. 

After blooming it looks like this ....(pic below)

Microwave it for 20 secs .It will become a clear solution.

Add orange juice to a sauce pan and warm it ,nearing to boil.

Remove from the flame ,add marsh mallows and stir  it to become a homogeneous mix .

Add gelatin and mix it well .

Prepare jelly according to the instructions on the packet 

Place the orange cups in a muffin tray and pour the jelly in it .

Allow it to set in the refrigerator for 4 hrs or until the jelly is set .

Cut into half to get the shape of  boats .


  • I have used the juice from the pulp to avoid wasting it .
  • You can directly  use another flavour of jelly as your convenience.
  • The oranges were tart so i have used marsh mellows,u can skip it if your oranges are sweet . 
  • You can use any flavour 


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