Friday 29 May 2015

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#Happiness is a perfectly baked sponge cake .A moist sponge cake  in itself is a complete dessert when served with a dollop of whipped cream ...a match made in heaven .I have baked so many sponge cakes in my baking journey but this one is sure a keeper recipe. In fact, I have been baking for the past 10 years every type of cake from simple to party cakes to celebrate some special occasions in my family.But the happiness  and joy i felt after seeing this beautiful flat top sponge cake is UN -express able in words. This was a treat to eyes ,an eye candy .

I had seen this recipe on  Indu's blog and since then this was on my "to bake" list . Though the original recipe uses oil I wanted it to be oil free ,and it was success full .Follow the instructions below carefully to bake a flawless,oil free ,butter free sponge cake.......


  • 55 gms All purpose flour (maida)
  • 55 gms granulated sugar 
  • 1 tsp vanilla 
  • 2 large eggs

Step wise tutorial

1.Grease a 4'' cake tin with butter and dust it with flour .

2.Sieve the flour at least 3 times from a height this step is crucial to add volume to the cake.

3. Add eggs and sugar to a clean dry bowl or processor and whip it .

4. Beat the eggs and sugar  until creamy ,preferably use a hand blender ,i have used my processor          with whisk attachment .

5. Transfer the mixture to a dry bowl and check ,if the mixture dropped down retains a ribbon for 10       secs then you are done.this is called ribbon thread consistency .Or else whip it for few more                 seconds.

6.Add vanilla essence and whisk it until well distributed.

7.Now add the flour spoon by spoon and mix it by cut and fold method .

8.Cut it through the centre and swipe it through the sides .

9.Preheat the oven at 170 c .

10.Mix the batter well until no lumps are seen .

11.Pour the batter in the tin and tap it to remove any air present .

12.Bake in the oven for 20 mints or until a tooth pick inserted comes out clean .

13.Allow it to cool completely to room temperature in the tin itself .

14.Run a knife along the edges of the tin to loosen it and invert  on a wire rack .

15.Serve it with a dollop of  whipped cream .

 or else stay tuned for the next post  with this sponge cake ......


  • Temperature differs for every oven so keep an eye from 15 mints onwards.
  • Do not open the oven door frequently .
  • You can double the recipe too. 


  1. Dear the sponge cake is making me salivate early in the morning and I so want to grab a piece. Looks perfect and oh so delightful. I am totally loving the idea that it is oil / butter free. Ensures that we can have more pieces with less guilt. Wonderful post.

    1. Thank you Piyali ....definitely we can have an extra piece of it

  2. This sponge cake looks absolutely scrumptious!!..I would say perfectly made guiltless cake!!

  3. Nusrath, sponge cake looks very delicious! You know, I'm a no-frosting person and I love cakes just plain, right out of the oven! and this one has "me" written all over it!

    1. Oh thank you Savita, I too enjoy plain cakes

  4. Lovely sponge cake. Super delicious :)

  5. Baked to perfection... Beautiful sponge..looks very Deliciou .

  6. Marvellous rcp must try ...does cakes bake without baking powder n oil or surprized ...!!!thanks fr sharing rcp

    1. Thank you sona, me too learnt that a cake does bake with out baking powderafter baking this cake, do give it a try.

  7. Is it possible to bake this sponge cake in cooker or in pan?

    1. Sorry sona I haven't tried it, so can't comment on it.

    2. Sorry sona I haven't tried it, so can't comment on it.


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