Sunday 7 February 2016

Banoffee pie/ How to make banana pie from scratch/Banoffee pie using toffee sauce made from boiling condensed milk in pressure cooker/No bake banoffeepie

Banoffee pie is  classic English dessert made from crumbled crackers with butter or a pastry as a base followed by bananas and a generous layer of Dulce DE lech or toffee sauce made from boiled condensed milk.It is undeniably an easy to assemble and no bake dessert that caters to every age group.The butter enhanced base  along with gooey toffee sauce and banana create a riot of flavours in a bite.

The flavour enhances as the pie matures to second day . so make it ahead a day before you are going to serve and pop it in the refrigerator.Always use fresh firm bananas, over ripe  ones give a sluggish colour to the pie.This recipe uses the easiest way of making toffee sauce by using a pressure cooker.
Banoffee pie can be assembled in a casserole or a spring form tin.I serve it as individual portions as desserts served in glasses or as mini pie render a feeling of 'specially crafted with love' .Its one of our family favourites and probably the easiest one to make .

Step wise tutorial to make banoffee pie

Preparation time for toffee sauce :20 minutes+cooling time
cooling time for pie :30 minutes
Assembling time :15 minutes


  • 250 grams - digestive biscuits
  • 375 grams ( 1 tin) - condensed milk 
  • 2 -  bananas
  • 125 grams - butter( unsalted)
  • whipped cream as needed
  • chocolate curls for garnish
  • mini pie moulds/ spring form cake tin


1. Place the condensed milk can in  a pressure cooker add  water until the can is submerged .

2.Set the flame to high until one whistle and simmer it for 20 minutes.

3.Allow the pressure to release on itself.

4.Carefully remove the tin with tongs and place on the kitchen counter over night or until it reaches         room temperature. 

5.To a food processor and biscuits  and pulse it roughly .

6.Now add melted butter not too hot and pulse until it resembles wet sand .

7.Divide the biscuit crumbs equally in mini pie moulds and press firmly to form shape of a pie .

8.Place the pie moulds in freezer for half an hour .

9.Carefully DE mould the pies from the tin and place in refrigerator.

10.Whip cream according to the  instructions on the packet .

11.Remove the pies from the refrigerator and place chopped bananas on it .

12.Drizzle a generous layer of toffee sauce from the can  .

13.Top it with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate curls .

14.Place in the refrigerator until served.


  1. You won't believe - I have been day dreaming of making mini tarts ever since I saw the mini moulds.. I haven't even bought the moulds but already wanting to make something in that shape :-P these banofee pie with super instruction is really cool..

  2. wow...I could love to call it a dream dessert...what a lovely presentation

  3. Lovely presentation and tempting pie dear


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